Nurse - Medical Records (Part-Time)

Your primary responsibilities are to review medical records received from Solicitors, GP’s and hospitals, sort them and place them into a logical order.  In order to do this successfully you will need to have an understanding of nursing/medical concepts as well as an ability to communicate the relevant points and write summaries/reports.

You need to:-

  • ·         have a nursing/midwifery background
  • ·         have knowledge of medical practice and procedures
  • ·         enjoy paperwork
  • ·         able to summarise files
  • ·         computer literate
  • ·         able to type
  • ·         good team player
  • ·         proficient in English

SALARY: £10.00 per hour

HOURS:  30 hours, ideally over 4 days per week, although some flexibility is offered.

LOCATION:  Plymouth