dsc_6112-2516Advantages of Hiring an Interim

They are highly skilled, with many years' experience (typically at a level higher than the temporary role requires) and with a wide ranging network of contacts. 

They are usually available immediately and hit the ground running. Brought in to transform and change, they get projects up and running quickly. 

They are objective - their role is to tell you what you need to hear (not necessarily what you want to hear!). They prioritise what a business needs to do to achieve its goals because unlike consultants, their role is to deliver results, not simply advise. 

They are not looking for a permanent position - their aim is to ensure your business grows sustainably after they leave, which means they are able and willing to recruit their replacement. 

They are very cost effective. All our interims operate from their own companies so the client does not need to pay bonuses, holiday pay, NI contributions, pension, health or company car benefits.

Our interims are available to come in to your business on a full or part-time basis - typical contracts last between 3 months and a year.

Contact us now to see what a difference an Interim will make to your business.